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Lots of exciting new things coming up in the new year! Check out our new schedule on our online calendar, and get ready for more Wonderful Wednesday Workshop series with special guests like Melanie Lane, and great dance events like the Solo Salon and our new LIVE MUSIC event! Hear about it all as it's announced -- Join our email list or like our Facebook page for the latest notifications!

New building

DanceGardenLA moved to a new location

3191 Casitas Avenue, Suite 112
Los Angeles, CA 90039

Visit the contact page for directions.


Schedule Changes

Schedule Changes

Schedule Changes

New Class! Monday 6:15pm Susan Tribal Expansion - Int/Adv Level Tribal Bellydance
New Class! Tuesdays: 7:30-8:30 Beginner Bellydance with Jenna
New Time! Thursdays: "Counts of eight to set you straight" with Jayna moves to 6:15pm


New Class!

Zils with Z!

Wednesdays from 6:55-7:25pm

Finger cymbals and bellydance go together like Fred & Ginger, Peanut Butter & Chocolate, and good books and rainy days!

1/2 hour of Zill drills for a suggested minimum donation of $5


New Day/Time!

Intermediate Bellydance with Jenna: Shimmies and Cymbals and Veils, Oh My!

Thursdays from 7:15-8:15pm

This class has it all! Finger cymbals and veil, the signatures of a classic bellydancer will be introduced and developed using Jenna’s signature techniques that teach you to make your veil dance look effortless and your zils sing in time with the music! Her systematic drills are designed to give you control over these props while DANCING (with practice of course)!! And not to forget Jenna's strategies for layering shimmies and mastering the elusive 3/4 traveling shimmy! Please bring your own veil and cymbals if you have them, if not, DanceGarden has some to share or purchase.

This class is NOT recommended for new beginners, but expects a solid grasp on basic bellydance movements. A great companion for the class is Jenna's Heartbeat of Bellydance DVD available in our boutique.


New Day/Time!

It's Back! Just Dance! Intermediate/Advanced Bellydance with Jenna

Thursdays from 8:15-9:15pm

Yes, that's right, Just Dance! Of course we practice the technique for more complex movements and traveling steps, going deeper into undulations and accents, and layering onto footwork — but at the same time we let ourselves enjoy the connection with the music, exploring variations that give texture and style, and learning combinations that can become a part of your dance vocabulary and expand your abilities! The class will include some improvisational work as well. A great companion for the class is Jenna's Next Level DVD available in our boutique.


Wonderful Wednesday Workshop

WWW: RaqStar Bellydance Master Class with Zahra Zuhair

Wednesdays May 3, 10, 17, 24 from 7:30-8:45pm

Work on a 32 count combo every week for a versatile set of building blocks for choreography with Zahra Zuhair, teacher to the stars of bellydance!

Preregister for the month and get a money-saving deal: $55 for all four classes— only $11 per class!!! This offer expires at *midnight May 2*.

Party DG style



May 15, 2016
Doors *no sooner* than 4:30pm, Show begins 5pm

Please bring a dish to share! Check our Facebook event to see what to bring.

Performances by DanceGarden teachers, students, and more! Come celebrate another year of delightful dancing!

Raffles for CLASSES and Open Dancing!

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED! Sign up on our Facebook event page or e-mail Jenna to help

Admission is FREE with a dish or drink to share (large main dish can count for 2 people!




Arm Yourself! Beautiful Hands & Arms for Bellydance with Jenna

June 12, 2016

Arms make the difference between *dancing* and just shaking your hips around! They frame your hard work, can showcase your grace and strength, and add another dimension to your performance. The beautifully floral hand work is a signature of bellydance, and even just the hand position itself can convey relaxed confidence and elegant poise. With a start in ballet, Jenna developed much of her upper body stylings from her extensive training with NYC mentor, Serena, herself having studied hand movements from none other than Ruth St. Denis. Jenna has designed hand, arm and posture exercises to build skills towards naturally incorporating beautiful arms into your dance. ALL LEVELS of dancer (even & especially beginners) to start good practices now, or to break quirky habits they have developed! We will practice drills for strength and flexibility in the hands and arms, technique for sinuous and graceful movements, and also use the arms as both frames and actors with dance moves and traveling steps.

$25 by 6/6 • $30 at the door


Vintage Dancer

Save the date!

LA Legends of Bellydance Weeklong Experience!

August 1-5, 2016

Immerse yourself in the classic style of LA's legendary bellydancers from the dance's American heyday — Zahra Zuhair, Helena Vlahos, Princess Farhana, and Kamala Almanzar will be joined by other special guests to share the magic of this cherished era and the development of the art to the modern day with a week of workshops and lectures from the dancers who lived it!!

View the flyer or click here to learn more.

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