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December 2017

Winter break


Winter Break

DanceGarden classes are on break from Monday December 19 2016 through Thursday January 5, 2017.

Classes will resume Thursday January 5th with a Free Intro to Bellydance class with Devilla! Tell your friends! :)

January 2017

Schedule Changes

Schedule Changes

Schedule Changes

Mondays: Starting 1/9/2017 - Terrific Tribal Night!
Hannah Lily stays on for Beg/Int Tribal Fusion 7-8pm
Sherri Wheatley's Sunday class moves to Mondays 8-9:15pm!

Thursdays: Starting 1/5/2017 - The best night for Beginners!
Jenna's popular Beginner class moves from Tuesday to Thursday 7:30pm and is now followed by an Advanced Beginner class called "Beyond Beginner" where new students will begin learning veil and finger cymbals!

So much that is exciting and new! (Don't worry, if you are looking for Nasila, she's just moved to Sundays!)
Starting 1/7/2017: We welcome back Linda Yudin of Viver Brasil to teach her specialty - Afro Brazilian Dance at 1:30pm! (No class 1/21)
Starting 1/21/2017: We are also thrilled to welcome back our Bollywood babe, Smita! She will be teaching 12:15-1:15 every Saturday starting on the 21st!

Sundays: Starting 1/8/2017
Nasila moves her Saturday classes to Sundays 10-11am! Level is Intermediate/Advanced — and you KNOW you are gonna get some shimmies in there!


Featured Class

Beautiful Bellydance Basics: An Introduction to Bellydance with DeVilla

January 5 - February 9, 2017
Thursdays 6:30-7:30pm

In this 6 week series you will learn the basic structure of the beautiful art of bellydancing! We will focus on good posture, proper technique, basic traveling steps and drilling the fundamental movements to create this dance. I promise to have you dancing from the very first class!


January 5th ONLY — FREE TRIAL!!! Yes, this fabulous Introductory Course is registration only — but we are giving you a chance to TRY BEFORE YOU BUY! Come take class at 630pm on Thursday January 5th at NO COST — and only pay if you wish to come back for more bellydance fun with DeVilla! How can you pass THAT up?

ONLY $65 for the whole course! • Sign up with a friend and pay only $50 each!

Katalin Schafer

Limited Time Guest

Special Guest Teacher - Katalin Schafer — 5 weeks only!

Starting January 10th

Tuesday Night Katalin will workshop some special topics I think you will find really exciting! Here in Los Angeles for a short time from her usual home in Budapest, Hungary, Katalin says, "I believe that movement has its own language, that is the most honest in the world. Often, the way we move, tells things about us that we, ourselves may not even be aware of. I am aiming to bring these hidden things to the surface when I dance, to make the act deeper and more meaningful. My goal is to share this perspective, self-awareness and spiritual growth with my students." Don’t miss her magic!

January 10th and 17th: Emotion in Motion - Slow Stage Bellydance
Despite what many think, it is more challenging to express slow, emotional or dramatic music than to create choreography to a dynamic one. Since slowness gives more time to observe movement's beautiful continuity, moving to slow music requires a more open and daring stage presence. This worksop is a great opportunity for those who wish to deepen their knowledge about expressing and channelling emotions on stage.

January 24th: Saidi with Double Cane Northern egyptian blood flows in this cane dance's heart. There is no dancer that would stay seated upon hearing its lovely rhythms. The choreography requires a stronger technical back ground in terms of cane handling, but if someone lacks that, a more in depth explanation can be given during the workshop too.

January 31st and February 7th: DANCERS' CHOICE Dancers will decide!!! Do you wish to learn Katalin's signature style, "Oriental Jazz"? or her extraordinary Contemporary Percussion drum solo?

(Jenna plans to resume her Intermediate/Advanced Bellydance class in February after this special guests series! Check our calendar for up-to-date info!)

Regular class pricing!! Class cards ok, no Groupon/Living Social or Passports.



Helena Vlahos with Savicto musicians Vicki Carter (Accordion) and "Andy" An-Liang Cheng (tabla) present Baladi Progression with LIVE Music!

Sunday, January 15, 2017

The Balady Progression is a musical improvisation that is popular in Cairo and a favorite with bellydancers around the globe. It starts with a taqsim followed by a call and response between the drum and another instrument, such as the accordion, that gradually builds into an exciting, rapid finish. Vicki will share her knowledge of the ins and outs of baladi solos: the different types, their history of origin, the scales used, the rhythms used and the “formula”, while Helena will share her years of experience in how to move the body in harmony with the different portions of the baladi progression, interpreting the music with your movement and maximizing the effect on your sure-to-be-rapt audience!

$55 til midnight January 4th • $65 until midnight Jan 14th • $75 door

Neena Nour


Modern Lebanese Technique Workshop with Neena Nour!

January 29, 2017
Dancing in Heels 1:30-2:30pm
Modern Lebancese 2:30-4:30pm

Dancing in Heels with Neena Nour!

How to dance to modern Lebanese music - a simple way to dance in heels.

Modern Lebanese Technique Workshop with Neena Nour!

The stylization of Lebanese Bellydance.

Neena Nour is just back from the Middle East. She has worked as a dancer in a number of countries inculding Lebanon. She will be sharing her work experience, how to transition from an Egyptian base to a Lebanese style with you in this workshop session.

This can help you be more well-rounded as a dancer and increase your tips and the amount of work that you do. Lebanese music is well loved in the Arab world. If you want to see how much Lebanese songs are loved, go to a restaurant that has a live show program and you can see how much money is being thrown around from the tips for the singers when they sing Lebanese songs. Even if you are more of a stage dancer or love being apart of the dance community, this is another mezze on the table of dance to enjoy.

You do not need to dance in heels forLebanese style. It is an aesthetic. You can do the same movements the same way without. You don't need to take the heels intro if you do not want. Heels in the second half of the workshop are optional. If you come to the any of the workshops please do not bring shoes more than 3 inches.

Click here to view the flyer.

Both workshops: Early bird price of $50 by January 28, 2017 • At the door $60!

August 2017

Vintage Dancer

Save the Date

LA Legends of Bellydance Weeklong Experience!

August 7-11, 2017

Immerse yourself in the classic style of LA's legendary bellydancers from the dance's American heyday — Zahra Zuhair, Helena Vlahos, Princess Farhana, and Kamala Almanzar will be joined by other special guests to share the magic of this cherished era and the development of the art to the modern day with a week of workshops and lectures from the dancers who lived it!!

Click here to learn more.

Past Events