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Lots of exciting new things coming up in the new year! Check out our new schedule on our online calendar, and get ready for more Wonderful Wednesday Workshop series with special guests like Melanie Lane, and great dance events like the Solo Salon and our new LIVE MUSIC event! Hear about it all as it's announced -- Join our email list or like our Facebook page for the latest notifications!

New building

DanceGardenLA moved to a new location

3191 Casitas Avenue, Suite 112
Los Angeles, CA 90039

Visit the contact page for directions.


Schedule Change

CLASS SCHEDULE UPDATE: Thursdays starting in March

5:30-7 - Tribal Expansion with Susan Frankovich

7-8 - Bollywood Dance with Smita of Bollywood Step

8-9 - Beginner Bellydance with Jenna



SPECIAL GUEST TEACHER - Seismic Shimmies with Sabrina

March 1st

Learn the Shimmy Secrets of International Bellydance Star Sabrina! Generate your shimmies in more ways than you ever thought possible!!! Control the size and speed of your shimmies to match your music. Learn two legged, one legged, traveling and even seated shimmies suitable for layering movements or simply showing off. Even learn to bend over and pick something up while shimmying! Suitable for all dance levels, beginners, too!

Please bring water, ballet shoes, (or dance heels if you will be shimmying in heels on stage), a yoga mat (some available at the studio for loan) or towel for the floor warmup segment and your smile.

Suitable for all levels - yes, BEGINNERS are totally welcome!

Bonus!: Costume Sale following the workshop (4-5pm) — so after you WORK you can SHOP! :)

Only $30 until 2/15 • $35 pre-registration until 2/28 • $40 door

Melanie Lane

Wonderful Wednesday Workshops

WWW: Special Guest - Melanie Lane presenting
Line and Space- Define your Body Line and Develop your Spatial Intelligence

All 4 Wednesdays in March - 4, 11, 18, and 25

Dance is all about your body line. We'll explore what lines we create when we move, how to shape and direct those lines, and how to play with the negative space between. You'll get solid tools and techniques to find your line, learn to extend it, and find the flow between movements. We'll do this by learning more about our personal space and how to expand it to reach our audience. These exercises will be used with group work as well and will make your group look more "together" and connected with less rehearsal time.

Drop-ins accepted at regular class price, although registration is recommended for continuity and maximum benefit. Regular 5 or 10 class cards accepted, no discount cards, and *NO PASSPORTS*

DROP IN or Pre-register to save: $42 for all 4 classes!

Sunday Performance Salon

Performance Salon Sunday

Solo Salon

Sunday, March 15, 2015
Doors at 7pm (no sooner!). Show begins at 7:30pm

Join us for a casual, friendly evening of dancing fun with DG students and sometimes special guests!

Please note: Street shoes are not permitted on the dance floor. You will be asked to remove your shoes before finding a seat. :)

Come see what we have in store… $5 Admission at the Door
Snacks & Drinks available for sale

Got a piece you want to perform? Want to try a new choreography? Need to practice improvising for a friendly audience? Email Jenna to sign up to dance at our next Sunday Salon!

Heather Shoopman and Heavy Metal


Heather Shoopman and Heavy Metal

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Group Improv Crash Course: an afternoon with Heavy Metal Tribal

This class will explore group improvisation. We will cover a few basics and their cues, then practice leading and following in duets and groups. As a finale, we will create a combo and cue together to demonstrate the application of these principles.

This class is great for dancers of all styles and levels, and will enhance your toolbox for performing with others. A valuable format to apply to dancing in a group cabaret style too!

Heavy Metal Tribal does bellydance group improvisation. Dancers Azza, Shailee, Shauntel and Shoop came into collaboration with a variety of influences, including the improv languages of Fat Chance Bellydance®, Black Sheep, Evil Eye, Gypsy Caravan, She'enedra, Hot Pot and Square Dancing. They have each studied folkloric and Egyptian styles with various master teachers in addition to their own personal fitness regimens that include swing, hip hop and boxing. The result is a unique, exciting blend of improv that honors the form while breathing new life into it.

$28 by midnight on March 13th • $35 after that



DeVilla: "Who's that Girl" Character Creation for Stage

March 22, 2015

Creating your own personal stage persona or a theatrical character for stage can seem daunting! Thought must be given to location, costuming, lighting, hair, make up, styling and evolution of the character to create a finished piece.

Whether you're dancing to classic Om Kalsoum number, a modern pop hit, a tribal fusion piece or big theatrical drama we will discuss the steps needed to get you from start to finish with polish, style and ease!

This is a lecture, video and practical workshop. Yes you will dance and create!

Please bring a note book or tablet any ideas you may have for a piece you wish to create and props you may need for that creation! No ideas, No worries, we will make some magic happen!

$40 by midnight on March 13th • $48 after that • $50 at the door


Princess Farhana

Wonderful Wednesday Workshops

Sizzling Sword Work with Princess Farhana

Wednesdays in April - 1,8,15,22,29, 2015

Whether you want to "sharpen" your sword skills or are just beginning to work with a scimitar, this series provides a strong technical foundation for sword balancing skills and floor work. After an intense warm-up and conditioning excercises, we'll go over sword handling and safety, moving on to many different balance points; graceful descents and ascents; sword tosses, floor work, partner work and balancing with shimmies, level changes and turns- all of which will be incorporated into a short routine. Bring your sword and/or a heavy book for balancing, and a yoga mat. Don't own a sword? There'll be a couple of loaners (and yoga mats) available in class.

Due to the nature of sword work, space is limited and you MUST have at least intermediate dance skills.

Drop in or register to save — No Groupon, Living Social or Passports.

All 5 Wednesdays for $52

Zahra Zuhair


Zahra Zuhair Presents: Raqs Sharqi - Facts and Fantasy: Lecture/Discussion

Saturday, April 11, 2015

It’s difficult to find the truth about the origins of our beloved dance, many myths have been intertwined with facts over the centuries. Is it a birth ritual? Is it a dance of seduction? Is it a pagan goddess ritual? Is it a dance of joy and celebration? In this lecture-workshop, we will explore the roots of Oriental dance from pre-Islamic times to our modern day dance form. Please note: This is not a movement workshop.

$25 by midnight Friday March 27 • $35 pre-registration • $40 at the door



Devilla presents Shamadan: Bring out the Bride

April 12, 2015

The traditional use of Shamadan in the bridal prosession and the fun modern ways it can be used today. I will give a quick historical lesson on the origin and traditional use of Shamadan, introduce the Zeffa rhythm and appropriate music. We will Discuss fitting, care and storage and use of real candles as opposed to LED lights. Then the fun stuff! How you can use Shamadan as a dramatic accent to your modern day performances!

We will cover history, fitting, care. feeding and storage and how to put the darn thing on your head and dance with it!!!

You will need a note book or tablet. a head scarf, and Shamadan. Don't have a shamadan but want to take the class, no problem, I do have a few I can loan!

$40 by midnight Friday April 3 • $48 after that • $50 at the door

Heather Shoopman


Heather Shoopman - Let's Play

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Come dancing and make some new friends. We’re kickin’ it old school, back to the playground. Turn on the boombox and cut a rug! This workshop is about creative play, collaboration and how to expand your boundaries within art. We’ll do acting and dance improv exercises to find new inspirations. Class will conclude by piecing together a short choreography that will reveal itself during the course of the class. Good times! All levels are welcome.

$28 by midnight on April 3rd • $35 after that



Explore The Essence Of Your Dance with Roxxanne Shelaby

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Delve into the essence of authentic Arabic Belly Dance to discover your own essence in the dance.

Roxxanne is frequently heralded by professionals and lovers of the dance as someone who captures the feeling of Arabic music in an effortlessly beautiful way. The music flows through her and is shown easily in her natural style, no doubt a result of her upbringing, surrounded by dance, music and culture of the Middle East.

Only $35 until 4/10 • $42 after that

Savicto Flyer

Live Performance

Jenna and Devilla with Savicto!

Sunday, April 19, 2015
doors open at 7:30, show starts at 8pm

Live music and bellydance performance at DanceGardenLA. The music of Savicto and the performance magic of Jenna and Devilla! Click on the image to the right to view the flyer.

$15 admission

Party DG style



April 26, 2015
Doors *no sooner* than 4:30pm, Show begins 5pm

The potluck in ON! Please bring a dish to share! Check our Facebook event to see what to bring.

Performances by DanceGarden teachers, students, and more! Come celebrate another year of delightful dancing!

Raffles for CLASSES!

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED! E-mail Jenna at to help!

Admission - $10 or FREE with a dish or drink to share (large main dish can count for 2 people! :)



Workshop Series

Drum Solo Choreography Series for Performance with Jayna!

4 Sundays in May — May 3, 10, 24 and 31 (NO CLASS MAY 17 - That’s Zahra’s Workshop!)

Cairo Shimmyquake (LA's BIGGEST Bellydance festival) is rapidly approaching....whoooooo wants to perform on stage with Jayna Manoushe?!?!

In Jayna's 4 class workshop you will learn a super fun drum solo that you can not only use for your own performances, but will also be showcased in prime time at Cairo Shimmyquake on Saturday June 6!

The workshop fee includes the performance charge, which automatically grants you entrance to the festival for BOTH DAYS! Seriously giving you something to shimmy about ;)

$46 for all four until April 17 • $55 after

Heather Shoopman

Wonderful Wednesday Workshops

Shoop’s Sweat Shop~Tribal Fusion Drills and Zills

Wednesdays in May- 6,13,20,27, 2015

This class will challenge you mentally and physically with drills that go the distance. We’ll experiment with momentum, layers, levels, traveling, locks, finger cymbal patterns, the ooey gooey, and a shimmy drill that will leave you shining for the rest of the day. Be ready to sweat, laugh, and holler!

All levels are welcome.

DROP IN or Pre-register to save: $42 for all 4 classes!

All 4 Wednesdays for $42

Zahra Zuhair


Megeance* - Oriental Choreography with Zahra

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Enter the stage like a shining star! We will learn a choreography to complex Egyptian music composed for the grand and exciting entrance of the oriental dancer! Bring a veil!

*Megeance (also spelled magancy, majenci or mergence).

Advanced-Beginner thru Advanced.

$48 by midnight May 8th • $55 pre-registration • $60 at the door


Princess Farhana

Wonderful Wednesday Workshops

Improvisation Sensation: Fearless Improv with Princess Farhana

Wednesdays in July- 1,8,15,22,29, 2015


This series gives you the the tools to spontaneously create beautiful Oriental or fusion-style dances. Using mind and body techniques and exercises to increase your musicality, you will learn to trust your intuition and let your creative juices flow! Instead of relying on choreography alone, learn to use instinct and emotion to access your technique vocabulary, fearlessly building your own improvised pieces. Arabic song structure will become demystified through musical analysis as you learn to "illustrate" the music with your body, to both the rhythm and the melody. We'll go over musical phrasing, spatial awareness, directional concepts and use of repetition; poses, body lines and layers, techniques for mapping out marked improv, and how to relax into the music, letting it guide you. Add power and personality to your performance as you build the confidence to experiment and improvise with traditionally-based and contemporary belly dance technique.

All levels welcome.

Drop in or register to save — No Groupon, Living Social or Passports.

All 5 Wednesdays for $52!

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