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Lots of exciting new things coming up in the new year! Check out our new schedule on our online calendar, and get ready for more Wonderful Wednesday Workshop series with special guests like Melanie Lane, and great dance events like the Solo Salon and our new LIVE MUSIC event! Hear about it all as it's announced -- Join our email list or like our Facebook page for the latest notifications!

New building

DanceGardenLA moved to a new location

3191 Casitas Avenue, Suite 112
Los Angeles, CA 90039

Visit the contact page for directions.


Helena Vlahos

Saturday Morning Sampler

Beginner Bellydance Sampler with Helena Vlahos!

Every Saturday at 9am!

Saturday Morning Sampler! Beginner Bellydance at 9am with a different teacher each month!

What a great way to learn bellydance - from a sampling of the best teachers all under one roof! The class is ongoing so you don’t have to worry about registering or sessions beginning or ending. Just come in and learn to move like a bellydancer!

You can find which teacher is scheduled on our Calendar page!



Raquy Danziger in LA!!!
Middle Eastern Rhythm Workshop for Dancers and Drummers

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Understanding rhythm is essential to all dancers. In this workshop Raquy will show her secret to identifying the cycle and accents of any rhythm. We will explore a variety of rhythms from Turkey, Egypt, and Iran. Bring Zils (finger cymbals)!

Raquy is the amazing percussionist featured on Jenna's best-selling 'Heartbeat of Bellydance' DVD. After an illustrious musical career in NYC, Raquy continues to create insanely interesting, earthy and soulful music & rhythms in Istanbul, and is here in LA just for a brief time. Please don't miss this!

$40 in advance • $50 at the door


Workshop Series

Drum Solo Choreography Series for Performance with Jayna!

Heather Shoopman

Wonderful Wednesday Workshops

Shoop’s Sweat Shop~Tribal Fusion Drills and Zills

Wednesdays in May- 6,13,20,27, 2015

This class will challenge you mentally and physically with drills that go the distance. We’ll experiment with momentum, layers, levels, traveling, locks, finger cymbal patterns, the ooey gooey, and a shimmy drill that will leave you shining for the rest of the day. Be ready to sweat, laugh, and holler!

All levels are welcome.

DROP IN or Pre-register to save: $42 for all 4 classes!

All 4 Wednesdays for $42

Zahra Zuhair


Megeance* - Oriental Choreography with Zahra

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Enter the stage like a shining star! We will learn a choreography to complex Egyptian music composed for the grand and exciting entrance of the oriental dancer! Bring a veil!

*Megeance (also spelled magancy, majenci or mergence).

Advanced-Beginner thru Advanced.

$48 by midnight May 8th • $55 pre-registration • $60 at the door

Memorial Day

Holiday Closure

DG Closed for Memorial Day

May 25th

No Classes on Memorial Day!


Sherri Wheatley

Wonderful Wednesday Workshops

Sherri Wheatly presents Slinky Drum Solo Choreography

Wednesdays in June

...And now for something completely different...

Percussive movement and muscle control--the two great tastes that taste great together!

For this four week Wednesday series, we explore combining the seemingly opposite ends of the fusion bellydance movement spectrum. Locks, pops, shimmies and isolations associated with the classic drum solo alternating with a slinkfest of muscle control and serpentine resistance. Our initial focus will be on drills connecting us to the movement as well as enhancing our musicality. Each week, we will dance through the similar drills establishing muscle memory specific to our goals. We will then culminate in a final complete short choreography. I have specifically tailored this short series to be accessible to all levels. The focus here is strong technique. Please bring zills (if you don't have them, we have extra sets at the studio) and comfortable clothing that allows me to see body alignment.

Pre-register to save: $42 for all 4 classes!
Registration strongly encouraged as choreography will be learned progressively each week. Drop-ins permitted with class card and same day discount, no Groupon/Living Social or Passport.

All 4 Wednesdays for $42


Special Guest Teacher for the Month

Jenna: Follow your Heart(beat) Bellydance — Rhythms & Improvisation to Guide your Dance

Wednesdays in June

Join Jenna in this mixed level class (advanced beginner to just plain advanced) as we explore possibilities for different bellydance rhythms, and how to use them as a baseline on which to build your dance improv!

Improvisation might seem scary to some, but with a little rhythm structure to lean on, it can be easy to conquer!

Drop in as any regular class! Class cards, same day discount, and Passports ok! (No Groupon/Living Social)

Lisa Marie

Saturday Morning Sampler

Beginner Bellydance Sampler with Lisa Marie

Every Saturday in June

LisaMarie started her dance career at the age of 18 as a professional ballroom dancer and instructor. She then went on to study the business side of the arts and earned a B.A. from Columbia College Chicago in Arts, Entertainment and Media Management focusing on Talent Management. In 2005 she relocated to Los Angeles to pursue a professional career in the entertainment industry. Shortly after, she wanted to get involved in dance again and decided to take a belly dance class. She fell in love with the art and started her journey in learning the art bellydance. LisaMarie considers herself a dance collector and is continually broadening her repertoire, she has studied ballroom dance, Egyptian belly dance, American cabaret belly dance, ATS belly dance, ITS belly dance, Tribal Fusion belly dance, Latin Fusion belly dance, Brazilian samba, country western, Bollywood, and hip hop.

Choreographers Eclectic 2015


Choreographers Eclectic 2015 at Cairo ShimmyQuake

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Glendale Civic Auditorium

Jenna is co-choreographing a brand new piece with fellow DanceGardenLA instructor Nasila Ayah, drawing on Flamenco fusion and featuring the dancers of Phoenyx::BellydanceRising.
Click here to view the flyer.

$25 in advance • $35 at the door - Purchase tickets at



"Who's That Girl?-2" Character Creation for Stage

date and time TBA

In this follow up workshop to "Who's That Girl", you will learn and craft a piece beginning, middle and end. We will cover in depth stage direction, dynamics, lighting, costuming and make up and how it all works together with our chosen music and style to create a cohesive piece.

You will be asked to bring and an idea for a piece complete with music, costuming and props if applicable. Don't panic if you do not have all the elements for your piece. I will be helping each of you individually and we WILL make MAGIC happen!

$30 by May 29 • $38 after • $45 at the door

Zahra Zuhair


Zahra Zuhair Presents: Raqs Sharqi - Facts and Fantasy: Lecture/Discussion

Sunday, June 14, 2015

It’s difficult to find the truth about the origins of our beloved dance, many myths have been intertwined with facts over the centuries. Is it a birth ritual? Is it a dance of seduction? Is it a pagan goddess ritual? Is it a dance of joy and celebration? In this lecture-workshop, we will explore the roots of Oriental dance from pre-Islamic times to our modern day dance form. Please note: This is not a movement workshop.

$25 by May 29 • $35 pre-registration • $40 at the door


Holiday Closures

Independence Day!

DanceGarden will be CLOSED for classes on Saturday, July 4th

Wishing you all safe and plentiful fireworks!!

Princess Farhana

Wonderful Wednesday Workshops

Improvisation Sensation: Fearless Improv with Princess Farhana

Wednesdays in July- 1,8,15,22,29, 2015

This series gives you the the tools to spontaneously create beautiful Oriental or fusion-style dances. Using mind and body techniques and exercises to increase your musicality, you will learn to trust your intuition and let your creative juices flow! Instead of relying on choreography alone, learn to use instinct and emotion to access your technique vocabulary, fearlessly building your own improvised pieces. Arabic song structure will become demystified through musical analysis as you learn to "illustrate" the music with your body, to both the rhythm and the melody. We'll go over musical phrasing, spatial awareness, directional concepts and use of repetition; poses, body lines and layers, techniques for mapping out marked improv, and how to relax into the music, letting it guide you. Add power and personality to your performance as you build the confidence to experiment and improvise with traditionally-based and contemporary belly dance technique.

All levels welcome.

Drop in or register to save — No Groupon, Living Social or Passports.

All 5 Wednesdays for $52!


Saturday Morning Sampler

Bellydance with Jenna

Every Saturday at 9am!

Saturday Morning Sampler! Beginner Bellydance at 9am with a different teacher each month!

What a great way to learn bellydance - from a sampling of the best teachers all under one roof! The class is ongoing so you don’t have to worry about registering or sessions beginning or ending. Just come in and learn to move like a bellydancer!

You can find which teacher is scheduled on our Calendar page!

Nicole McLaren

Special Guest Teacher for the Month

Nicole McLaren: Beautiful Turns for Bellydancers

Wednesdays in July 8, 15, 22, 29 (no class July 1)

Is there any choreography out there, in any given dance style, without a single turn? Probably not. For sure there is no classical bellydance routine without turns – especially in the dramatic peak of the grand finale, fast consecutive turns are extremely popular. Mastering turns means enhancing the dance skills through coordination and composure and, consequently, ameliorating choreografies or improv repertoire through creative ways to turn. Moreover, being able to spin seamlessly, and seemingly effortless, creates an ambiance of shining elegance.

In this workshop we explore the wide array of possibilities to turn, with special focus on the benefit for middle eastern dancers. From Ballet to Bellydance, from Derwish spins to Tribal turns, turns with surprising level changes, on one leg, amazing back bend turns, smooth or dynamic, super speedy or in slow motion. Additionaly we learn head and chest postures and gracefully fluent hand and arm moves wich work perfectly with spins. "Beautiful Turns for Bellydancers" will reveal spectacular, stunning and excitingly new ways to turn!

Recommended for Intermediate/Advanced dancers

Drop in as any regular class! Class cards, same day discount & Passports ok. (No Groupon/Living Social)

Mahin with Isis wings


Mahin: Line & Design: An Artistic Approach to Bellydance Choreography

July 12, 2015

Every moment of your dance performance lives as an image in your audience's mind - make it an artful one. We'll use design concepts from art and apply them to how we use our arms, how we move within our space and how an ensemble can effectively create beautiful collective shapes. These are valuable concepts for cabaret, tribal or fusion dancers alike!

$25 before June 26 • $30 after • $40 door

Mahin: Full On with 3/4 Shimmies

July 12, 2015

A complete breakdown of a variety of 3/4 walking shimmies that will add a whole new level of cool complexity for all styles of bellydance for travelling and for drum solos. Through these examples, you will learn how to analyze and progressively approach, practice and create variations for ANY 3/4 walking shimmy without frustration for impressive results!

$25 before June 26 • $30 after • $40 door

Mahin Mania! Take both workshops and save!!

July 12, 2015

both workshops $45 before June 26 • $50 after • $60 door


Zahra Zuhair

Wonderful Wednesday Workshops

WWW - Dynamic Drum Solo with Zahra

4 Wednesdays in August- 5,12,19,26, 2015

Drum solos are fun to perform and even more exciting to watch! This workshop aims at breaking down, developing and polishing shimmy variations, as well as footwork, and dynamic changes. Participants will learn a full drum solo choreography.

Advanced-Beginners thru Advanced Students welcome!


All 4 Wednesdays for $42!

Zahra Zuhair

Saturday Morning Sampler

Beginning Bellydance Sampler with Zahra

Every Saturday at 9am!

Saturday Morning Sampler! Beginner Bellydance at 9am with a different teacher each month!

What a great way to learn bellydance - from a sampling of the best teachers all under one roof! The class is ongoing so you don’t have to worry about registering or sessions beginning or ending. Just come in and learn to move like a bellydancer!

You can find which teacher is scheduled on our Calendar page!

Princess Farhana


Fan-tastic: Sally Rand Fan Dancing Technique and Choreography with Princess Farhana

Sunday August 23, 2015

Learn technique for dancing with large, lovely ostrich-plume Sally Rand fans including: fan twirls, over-head turns, drags and poses, and classic showgirl conceal-and reveal moves, plus a short retro-style choreography to a vintage song.

Plus: Tips on feather fan care and repair, fan construction, storage, and gig transport.Open to all levels and styles of dance.

Please bring a pair of Sally Rand fans or feather fans. Don’t own a set of fans? There will be plenty of fans available for use in class!

Purchase affordable, quality feather fans locally: Perial Company, 908 Maple Ave. Downtown LA 90015 (213) 622-6192

Only $42 until 8/13 • $48 pre-registration until 8/23 • $55 door

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