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Lots of exciting new things coming up in the new year! Check out our new schedule on our online calendar, and get ready for Wonderful Wednesday Workshop series with bellydance legends Helena Vlahos and Princess Farhana, visits from out-of-town artists like Mahin of Arizona, and great dance events like the Solo Salon and of course taXim! Hear about it all as its announced -- Join our email list or like our Facebook page for the latest notifications!

New building

DanceGardenLA moved to New Location

3191 Casitas Avenue, Suite 112
Los Angeles, CA 90039

Visit the contact page for directions.

November 2014


Super Saturday Series

Shoop's Sweat Shop

Four Saturdays in November - 1, 8, 15, and 22

Shoop's Sweat Shop is back with a Tribal Fusion series. Challenge yourself mentally and physically with drills that go the distance. Shoop will share favorites hand picked from her personal practice regimen. Experiment with momentum, layers, levels, locks, the ooey gooey and a shimmy drill that will leave you shining for the rest of the day. Be ready to sweat, laugh and holler! All levels are welcome.

Drop ins, class cards or passports are fine, but no Groupon please.

All 4 Classes! $45 by midnight on Friday 10/24 • $50 after that

Susan Frankovich

Wonderful Wednesday Workshops

Special Guest Teacher - Susan Frankovich
Triple S: Strong, Slow, and Supple

4 Wednesdays in November - 5, 12, 19, 26

In this series we will focus on channeling movements inspired by the sea. We will play with slow, liquid movements, extension, contraction and release, and dynamics through movement size, speed, and quality. In addition to the dance, we will work on projecting our inner power out into our physical body. Class will begin with a brief yoga style warm up focusing on warming up and strengthening the entire body.

Born and raised in Reno, Nevada, Susan Frankovich has had quite the nomadic past. She began her bellydance journey with ATS in New Mexico and continued onto NYC, LA, San Francisco, and Croatia learning something more in each place while developing her own style along the way. She’s an international Tribal Fusion dance instructor and performer who is in the constant pursuit of improving her art and teaching style. Susan has a great eye for correction, and can deliver critique with a positivity that makes her students feel successful. She is a former member of Bellyqueen and PURE (NYC), The Barbary Coast Shakedown (San Francisco), and was the People’s Choice winner with Jillina’s Bellydance Evolution in the summer of 2012. Susan has taught and performed in the US, Canada, Mexico, Ecuador, Asia, Russia, and throughout Europe. She is known for bringing tribal style dance to Croatia (in 2002), and in addition to the many years traveling to teach and perform there, she spent 4 years cultivating a lively and loving dance community in Zagreb. In December of 2012, Susan moved back to Los Angeles and has since had the opportunity to choreograph and dance for Bellydance Evolution’s newest show, Alice In Wonderland.

Drop-ins ok with Class Cards and Passport, no Groupon or Beginner Flex

All 4 Classes! $40 by 10/15 • $45 after that

Roxxanne Shelaby


Khaleeji — Hair Tossing and SO much more!! with Special Guest Instructor Roxxanne Shelaby

Sunday, November 9

Roxxanne has been dancing Khaleeji along side the people of the Arabian Gulf her whole life. Come and learn this intricate and intriguing dance that includes hair tossing and SO MUCH MORE!!

$32 by Monday 10/26 • $40 after that




Saturday, November 15

This trio of musicians, on tabla, cajon, violin, riqq and accordion, really made a splash when appearing for the first time with bellydancers at Bob’s in North Holllywood. Come see what the buzz is about when Jenna, Angelika Nemeth, and another surprise guest dance in the moment to the Arabic classics interpreted by this talented group.

SAVICTO, formed in 2013, sprang out of a shared passion for music of the world. Members met while performing with the UCLA Near Eastern Ensemble. Their respect for the value and richness of cultural diversity serves as the force that drives them to cross musical borders.

Sachi Yoshimoto is a LA based violinist and performer of Middle Eastern, jazz, rock and world music. She studied classical violin at the Colburn School of Performing Arts, Los Angeles. She performs regularly with the National Arab Orchestra, SK Near East Ensemble, Turath Ensemble and New York Arabic Orchestra.

Victoria Carter studied with master musicians Souhail Kaspar for Middle East percussion and Elias Lammam for Arabic tuned accordion. She performs regularly with SK Near East Ensemble, Turath Ensemble. and with Salaamuna (Our Peace) as part of the LA Music Center On Tour program for the Unified School Districts of Los Angeles.

Tony Hampton trained at Berklee College of Music and holds a degree in ethnomusicology from UCLA. He has performed with SK Near East Ensemble and Turath (Heritage) Ensemble. His versatility and knowledge of multiple musical styles has made him one of Los Angeles’s go-to drummers for recording on albums, films and television shows.

$15 includes light refreshments

Issam Houshan and Princess Farhana


Drum Solo Choreography, Rhythmic Breakdown & Finger Cymbals with Princess Farhana and Issam Houshan

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Nothing is as exciting and exhilarating as one of Issam’s live drums solos…unless, of course, Princess Farhana is choreographing it! In this workshop, you’ll learn how to listen for drum solo phrases with and without embellishments, anticipate and prepare for rhythmic changes, and play finger cymbals in the call and response patterns in the “Princess” drum solo from Issam’s new BaLAdi Tour CD.

The class starts with a full breakdown of the rhythms, concepts and finger cymbal patterns* used in this unique drum solo so you can become comfortable with them. In the second half of the class, you’ll learn the full choreography. Expect amusing accents, hot technique, and organic movement that can be layered and embellished upon, leaving a some “wiggle room” for a little improvisation that will make the drum solo uniquely your own. Prepare to sweat!

Finger cymbals are encouraged, but not necessary! Please bring your cymbals if you use them!

No passports, groupon or class cards.

$48 by 11/7 • $55 after that


Holiday Closures

HOLIDAY CLOSURES: Happy Thanksgiving!

Thursday November 27 - Saturday November 29

All regularly-scheduled classes are cancelled Thursday November 27, Friday November 28 AND Saturday November 29th.
Kamala’s Sunday classes are ON on Sunday the 30th so you can work off the turk! ;)

December 2014


Wonderful Wednesday Workshops

Shoopography: Tribal Fusion to perform at the Fiesta!

Three Wednesdays in December - 3, 10, and 17

Wanna perform at the recital? Didn't get a chance to learn a choreography? You're in luck!! Shoop has a fun, quirky lil routine for you to learn and perform at the feista with her. Follow the link below to see the piece. You will be learning the song "Typewriter" which starts at 2:00. Join the fun!

PRE-REGISTRATION ONLY (You may pay using the button above or the first day at the door)

No drop ins or Groupons, but class cards and passports are OK attending all 3.

$35 for 3 classes — No Drop-ins, Passports, Groupon or Class Cards.

Princess Farhana

Saturday Morning Sampler

SMS with Princess Farhana!

Every Saturday at 9am!

Saturday Morning Sampler! Beginner Bellydance at 9am with a different teacher each month!

What a great way to learn bellydance - from a sampling of the best teachers all under one roof! The class is ongoing so you don’t have to worry about registering or sessions beginning or ending. Just come in and learn to move like a bellydancer!

December 2014 & January 2015 will feature the fabulous Princess Farhana.

You can find which teacher is scheduled on our Calendar page!


Super Saturday Series

Oh Mighty Isis - Wings! with DeVilla

Three Saturdays in December - 6, 13, and 20

A 3 part workshop and performance opportunity! Class will perform at the Winter Fiesta on Dec. 21.


All 3 Classes! $35 by midnight on Friday 11/21 • $40 after that



Classic Elegance: Bellydance Choreography with Jenna

Sunday, December 7

Learn a full routine to Kairo Casbah by Setrak Sarkissian from the Desert Passage compilation (available for purchase at the studio) including traditional movements with Jenna’s signature style.

Perfect for stage!

$40 early bird BY Tuesday Nov 25 • $48 pre-registration after that • $60 at the door

Party DG style


Our Annual Potluck Party!

December 21, 2014
Times TBA

Come celebrate another year of delightful dancing!

The potluck in ON! Please bring a dish to share! Check our Facebook event to see what to bring.

Performances by DanceGarden teachers, students, and more!

Raffles for CLASSES!



DG Winter Break

December 22, 2014-January 2, 2015

No regularly scheduled classes from Monday December 22, 2014 through Friday January 2, 2015.
2015 classes begin Saturday January 3!



Princess Farhana

Saturday Morning Sampler

SMS with Princess Farhana!

Every Saturday at 9am!

Saturday Morning Sampler! Beginner Bellydance at 9am with a different teacher each month!

What a great way to learn bellydance - from a sampling of the best teachers all under one roof! The class is ongoing so you don’t have to worry about registering or sessions beginning or ending. Just come in and learn to move like a bellydancer!

December 2014 & January 2015 will feature the fabulous Princess Farhana.

You can find which teacher is scheduled on our Calendar page!

Sherri Wheatly

New Class!

Tribal Fusion with Sherri Wheatly

Sundays 12:30 - 1:30pm
Starting Sunday January 4, 2015

Mixed Level Tribal Fusion Bellydance: Technique, Drills and Combinations

Technique is developed by the establishment and reinforcement of muscle memory. When we have earned it through drilling and conditioning, we focus on application and "the flow." Movement that considers the path, not just hurrying from point A to point B. or rushing through counts. Herein lies the grace and artistry of dance. Class will be structured into warm up, drilling and finally technique application. Featuring less choreography and more short "building block" focused combinations, this class will feature a more set curriculum featuring shimmy drills, slow and sinuous muscle control drills, a cool down yoga practice, zill work and more. Open to mixed levels (basic knowedge of ATS (American Tribal Style) and/or bellydance vocabulary is helpful, but not necessary—all levels are welcome). I would like to incorporate zills (finger cymbals) into some of our drills, so if you have some, please bring them!

Also, just as important as the instrument that we are working with is the connection between our minds and bodies. For this reason, we are going to focus on the psychological side of dance and performance from opening yourself fully to learning something new and making peace with the fact that this is a process, to gaining confidence in yourself and bringing that to your experience both in and out of class. Remember: Life is improv. Get comfortable with it in the dance studio, get better at rolling with the punches outside of the dance studio. True stories!

Princess Farhana

Wonderful Wednesday Workshops

WWW: Zills, Drills, Skills, and Frills: Technique, Combinations, and Finger Cymbals with Princess Farhana

All 4 Wednesdays in January - 7, 14, 21, and 28

Shimmy into the New Year tuning up your technique and dancing out that holiday season lethargy! This quick-paced series focuses on stationary and travelling shimmy drills with embellishments, plus Oriental and fusion combinations… with finger cymbals!

DROP IN or Pre-register to save: $42 for all 4 classes!


Princess Farhana

Wonderful Wednesday Workshops

WWW: Abs-olutely Fabulous: All Abdominal Technique with Princess Farhana

All 4 Wednesdays in February - 4, 11, 18, and 25

It’s time to BELLY dance… This special workshop will focus exclusively abdominal technique and core strength and laying the foundation for truly incredible abdominal work. Learn how to flutter and achieve amazing belly rolls- we’ll drill rolls upwards, downwards and from side to side! You will also learn to LAYER your abdominal movements, like the amazing “flundulation”, a flutter layered over a belly roll; or combining abdominal work with figure eights and upper torso isolations. Also: stomach pops, many types of body waves and undulations, muscular and breathe control. Pretty soon you'll be yellin' "That Just How I Roll!”

DROP IN or Pre-register to save: $42 for all 4 classes!




SPECIAL GUEST TEACHER - Seismic Shimmies with Sabrina

March 1st

Learn the Shimmy Secrets of International Bellydance Star Sabrina! Generate your shimmies in more ways than you ever thought possible!!! Control the size and speed of your shimmies to match your music. Learn two legged, one legged, traveling and even seated shimmies suitable for layering movements or simply showing off. Even learn to bend over and pick something up while shimmying! Suitable for all dance levels, beginners, too!

Please bring water, ballet shoes, (or dance heels if you will be shimmying in heels on stage), a yoga mat (some available at the studio for loan) or towel for the floor warmup segment and your smile.

Suitable for all levels - yes, BEGINNERS are totally welcome!

Bonus!: Costume Sale following the workshop (4-5pm) — so after you WORK you can SHOP! :)

Only $30 until 2/15 • $35 pre-registration until 2/28 • $40 door

Melanie Lane

Wonderful Wednesday Workshops

WWW: Special Guest - Melanie Lane presenting
Line and Space- Define your Body Line and Develop your Spatial Intelligence

All 4 Wednesdays in March - 4, 11, 18, and 25

Dance is all about your body line. We'll explore what lines we create when we move, how to shape and direct those lines, and how to play with the negative space between. You'll get solid tools and techniques to find your line, learn to extend it, and find the flow between movements. We'll do this by learning more about our personal space and how to expand it to reach our audience. These exercises will be used with group work as well and will make your group look more "together" and connected with less rehearsal time.

Drop-ins accepted at regular class price, although registration is recommended for continuity and maximum benefit. Regular 5 or 10 class cards accepted, no discount cards, and *NO PASSPORTS*

DROP IN or Pre-register to save: $42 for all 4 classes!

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