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June 2017

Zahra Zuhair - Bellydance Basics


Bellydance Basics with Zahra Zuhair!

Starting Sunday, June 4, 2017


Bellydance Basics - Also known as oriental dance, or raqs sharqi, Bellydance is a beautiful, feminine art form for all ages, shapes and sizes! Zahra's easy-to-understand breakdown of bellydance movements makes learning fun. Zahra, co-founder of DGLA, is loved for her knowledgeable, patient and generous teaching style. Her organic approach to learning oriental dance movements naturally is highly respected by her colleagues and students worldwide.

Zahra Zuhair


Zahra's Egyptian Pearls (Int/Adv Bellydance Open Company Class)

Starting Sunday, June 11, 2017

Finally, Zahra is back with Intermediate/Advanced bellydance class at DanceGardenLA! Zahra, co-founder of DGLA, is loved for her knowledgeable, patient and generous teaching style. Her organic approach to learning oriental dance movements naturally is highly respected by her colleagues and students worldwide.

Zahra Zuhair


Tarab 4 Workshop with Zahra Zuhair

Sunday June 25th, 2017

Tarab 4: If you enjoyed any of Zahra's previous Tarab workshops, you're going to love this one! Zahra will be teaching a choreography to the Oum Khaltoum classic, "Amal Hyati" (The Hope of My Life), written by composer Mohamed Abdel Wahab.

*It is not necessary to have taken Zahra's previous Tarab workshops to enroll in Tarab 4.
Level: Int/Adv.

Traditional Arab music has an intimate ambience and aims at evoking tarab, or ecstasy in the performers and listeners.

$60 Until midnight 6/14, 2017 • $70 Until midnight 6/24/2017 • $80 at the door

Alli Ruth


"Sassy Sayins for Easy Playins” Zill Workshop with Alli Ruth
Includes combinations and choreography!

Sunday June 11, 2017

Inspired by zill masters Artemis and Aida Al Adawi's memory techniques, combined with Joshua Foer's "mental athlete" theories and Alli's own wacky mind, we will go through several arabic rhythms adding word play to patterns. You will NOT forget these compositions, and learn how to create your own memory games to work with in the future. We will work through an acapella zill piece with choreography and options for using various combinations.

$30 until midnight June 10th • $40 at door
Want to take both Alli Ruth's and Helena's workshops on 6/11/17? $60 only!

Helena Vlahos


Workshop with Helena Vlahos: Greek Bellydance Style

Sunday June 11, 2017

Learn how to dance to Greek belly dance music — what the Greeks call "Chiftetell" Native Greek Bellydance Legend Helena will teach you how to dance to the traditional Chiftetelli AND the modern pop Chiftetelli musical styles just in time for the season of Greek festivals with live music at all the Greek churches. When you attend, you will recognize the different Chiftetelli music and feel confident to dance! Or just ask the musicians to play a Chiftetelli for you!

Zills go hand in hand with Helena's classic Greek style. "Just You and Your Zills" Solo dance with only your zills, using different rhythms to accompany your movements.

$35 until midnight May 26th • $42 until midnight June 10th • $50 at the door
Want to take both Helena's and Alli Ruth's workshops on 6/11/17? $60 only!

July 2017

Princess Farhana


Extreme Taxim with Princess Farhana

Sunday July 16, 2017

One of the juiciest aspects of Arabic music is a taxim – a soulful improvisation by a single instrument riffing up and down the Arabic maqam or scale. This workshop focuses on understanding the unique structure for taxim as well chiftetelli, a Greco-Turkish rhythm commonly associated with taxim pieces. We'll explore the emotional texture of each musical interlude as well as the technique associated with it. You'll learn movements and combinations perfectly suited for traditional Oriental taxim and chiftetelli pieces: several types of undulations, layered shimmies, and unusual variations on camels and figure eights. You'll also grasp the fundamentals for beautiful abdominal technique, like belly rolls and flutters.

Please bring a veil.

$45 by midnight June 30 • $55 until midnight July 15 • $60 door

August 2017

Vintage Dancer

Save the Date

LA Legends of Bellydance Weeklong Experience!

August 7-11, 2017

Over 27 hours of dance instruction and lectures!

Immerse yourself in the classic style of LA's legendary bellydancers from the dance's American heyday — Zahra Zuhair, Helena Vlahos, Princess Farhana, and Kamala Almanzar will be joined by other special guests to share the magic of this cherished era and the development of the art to the modern day with a week of workshops and lectures from the dancers who lived it!!

Exact Schedule TBA very soon, but all your favorites are back - Fahtiem, Kamala, Helena, Princess Farhana, Mesmera, Sahra Saeeda, Zahra Zuhair AND SPECIAL GUEST DAHLENA!!!!

Click here to learn more.

$555 by midnight May 5th • $650 afterwards • or 4 payments of $175 each (due by April 15, May 15, June 15, July 15)

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