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Lots of exciting new things coming up in the new year! Check out our new schedule on our online calendar, and get ready for more Wonderful Wednesday Workshop series with special guests like Melanie Lane, and great dance events like the Solo Salon and our new LIVE MUSIC event! Hear about it all as it's announced -- Join our email list or like our Facebook page for the latest notifications!

New building

DanceGardenLA moved to a new location

3191 Casitas Avenue, Suite 112
Los Angeles, CA 90039

Visit the contact page for directions.



New Class

Beginner Bellydance with Zahra Zuhair

Saturdays at 9am

Starting in October, Zahra Zuhair will take over the 9am beginner bellydance class every Saturday, you lucky people!

You have a chance to learn basics like shoulder moves, hip accents, undulations & shimmies from one of the top in the field. No need to register, just drop in and start your weekend off right!


New Class

Just Dance! Drills & Zills — Mixed Level Bellydance with Jenna

Thursdays 11:30am - 12:30pm

Starting in October, we are bringing bellydance back to the daytime! Come join Jenna for some nonstop dance fun! We will JUST DANCE, drilling hip variations, footwork combinations and you KNOW there are gonna be some shimmies. We will even throw zils on for a bit and get our fingers working! Not recommended for new beginners, but anyone ready to jump in and get down is welcome1


Wonderful Wednesday Workshop

WWW October Samba!

4 Wednesdays in October — 7th, 14th, 21st, 28th

Native Brazilian Irani DaSilva is a choreographer/performer/instructor known for her versatility and grace. She is the Director/ Choreographer for the Sambarinas Dance Co. based in LA.

Some credits include - choreographer/ instructor of Maria Sharapova in Nike commercial. She has been featured in various music videos including Shakira's "Waka Waka", Nelly's "Flap Your Wings"; Super Bowl commercial a for Toyota Highlander with Terry Crews, World Cup commercial For T- Mobile with Shakira; Featured with Janelle Monae on American Idol, Choreographed for Janelle Monae at the Hollywood Film Awards; featured dancer on So You Think You Can Dance, Dancing With The Stars, Kid's Choice Awards, NAACP Awards and performed live with Will Smith, Carlos Santana, Will i Am, Pit Bull, Lil Job, Sergio Mendes, Wyclef Jean,and Black Eyed Peas.

The class will cover technique, musicality, freestyle, and choreography.

Open to ANY LEVEL! Drop-Ins ‘ok’ but no extra time will be used to teach materials missed due to absence.

All 4 Wednesdays for $48! Or drop in with class cards, cash, Passpor

Heather Shoopman

New Moon Yoga

New Moon Yoga and Meditation with Heather Shoopman

Tuesday, October 13

Fahtiem's regular class is cancelled this week, but you can enjoy a calming and energizing yoga/meditation with Shoop!

This rejuvenating class is designed to balance body and mind. You will be led through gentle, restorative yoga poses in preparation for relaxation. You will receive Reiki, aromatherapy and sound healing during your rest. We will meditate and do a special intention setting ceremony in honor of the Moon.

Regular class pricing! Class cards, drop-in, same-day-discount & passports are welcome.


2 Workshops

Workshops with Nicole MacLaren

Saturday, October 17
2:30-4:30pm and 4:30-6pm

SUPER SALE for BOTH choreographies!! $50 before Friday Oct 9 • $60 after • $70 door

Beautiful Turns for Bellydancers II
$30 before Friday Oct 9 • $35 after • $40 door

After the success of "Beautiful Turns for Bellydancers", the next choreography focuses on the timeless beauty of the turn - to the great tunes of a grand violin piece. Spins transition seamlessly into one another, spacious moves beckon for the stage, and variation in tempi and drama add depth to this dance piece. It meanders through parts with tiny and tender moves to intensely strong sequences, filling stage space from left to right, from front to back. Whirls and twirls, spins and turns are celebrated in its full glorious grandezza!

Level: Intermediate

FUN & FAST! Bellydance Choreography with Double Veil Intro
$25 before Friday Oct 9 • $30 after • $35 door

This choreography is made for the stage! A joyous, uptempo song encourages spacious movement wherein the two veils fly in their full length and width, evoking imagery of gracious butterflies fluttering through the air. After the double veil entree, the belly dancer shows off her core skills in juicy hip moves and elegant step combinations, rounded off with two sensual slow motion parts. The piece is enriched by a short floor work intermezzo and culminates in a fulminant whirling finale!

Level: Intermediate/Advanced



Oh Mighty Isis - Wings! with DeVilla

Sunday October 18

I Love Isis Wings and there is so much more to them than just the basic flutter! Let me help demystify them and make them as fun to use for you as they are for me.

In this class you will learn, styling, size and colors. Flutters, dramatic use of posing, concealing and revealing. Spins turns and formations for multiple dancers.

A short choreograph will be taught that will incorporate all of these basic moves and much more!

Donʼt worry if you donʼt have a pair of wings, there will be wings for sale and ones you can borrow! So donʼt be afraid, come fly with me!

Full instruction on using Isis Wings and teach the beautiful "ArabienTiger" Choreo from "Dragon Ladies" performed at Cairo Shimmy Quake.

A basic dance vocabulary and strong spins and turning ability will be helpful for this workshop, however, I will gear it for multi level so everyone can learn and enjoy!

$48 by Oct 10th • $55 after that • $60 at the door




Shamadan - Past and Present

Sunday November 22, 2015

Having just come off of our Las vegas Pro show performance with Isis Siren Sekhmet I can tell you Theatrical Shamadan dancing is a show stopper!

Come explore this magical folkloric prop and perform it with me at the Dance Garden Holiday Fiesta Dec. 20th!

In this workshop you will learn the traditional use of Shamadan in the bridal procession and the fun modern ways it can be used today. I will give a quick historical lesson on the origin and traditional use of Shamadan, introduce the Zeffa rhythm and appropriate music. We will Discuss fitting, care and storage and use of real candles as opposed to LED lights. Then the fun stuff! How you can use Shamadan as a dramatic accent to your modern day performances!

Rehearsals for the fiesta will be scheduled for those who wish to perform!

Full Shamdan instruction, including care and feeding. I will be teaching the "Desert Journey" choreography for performance in the Fiesta Dec. 20th!

both days for $48 by Nov 7 • $55 after • $60 at the door


Party DG style


Our Annual Potluck Party!

Sunday December 20 2015
4pm doors, 4:30 show

Come celebrate another year of delightful dancing!

The potluck in ON! Please bring a dish to share! Check our Facebook event to see what to bring.

Performances by DanceGarden teachers, students, and more! Come celebrate another year of delightful dancing!

Raffles for CLASSES!

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED! E-mail Jenna at to help!

Admission - $10 or FREE with a dish or drink to share (large main dish can count for 2 people! :)

Winter break


Winter Break

Winter Break: No classes from Monday December 21, 2015 through Friday January 1st. Classes resume Saturday January 2nd 2016!


Vintage Dancer

Save the date!

LA Legends of Bellydance Weeklong Experience!

August 1-5, 2016

Immerse yourself in the classic style of LA's legendary bellydancers from the dance's American heyday — Zahra Zuhair, Helena Vlahos, Princess Farhana, and Kamala Almanzar will be joined by other special guests to share the magic of this cherished era and the development of the art to the modern day with a week of workshops and lectures from the dancers who lived it!!

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