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Sherry Wheatley


Sherri's back!

Sunday August 6, 2016 at 12:30pm

Sherri’s Mixed Level Tribal Fusion Class returns from its July hiatus. Come get SLINKY!


Wonderful Wednesday Workshop

WWW: BellyDanceHall Fusion with Cera Byer

5 Wednesdays in August — 3, 10, 17, 24, 31, 2016 from 7:30-9pm

Dancehall is the street/club dance of Jamaica. It is full of vibrant energy. The music inspires new dances all the time, but there is also a reciprocal relationship where dance crews create new dances that inspire new songs. The steps all have names (and many have songs that go with them). In this class series you will learn several different Dancehall dances, we will discuss and practice technical ways to blend them with your existing Bellydance vocabulary, and then you will learn short combos or routines that bring the two together. This class is a WORKOUT. Kneepads, a towel, and water are recommended.

Drop-ins ok, but registration for the full course recommended!

$65 for all 5 Wednesdays in August (7.5 hours total! That’s less than $10 per hour!)



Wonderful Wednesday Workshop

WWW: Folk Infusion with Roxxanne Shelaby

4 Wednesdays in September — 7, 14, 21, 28, 2016 from 7:30-9pm

Explore some of the rich folk dance styles of the Middle East and how to incorporate them into your Belly Dance routine! Learn some Dabke, Khaleeji and Egyptian folk styles such as Saidi, Ghawazee and Hagalla!

Drop-ins ok, but registration for the full course recommended!

$55 for all 4 Wednesdays in September (6 hours total! That’s less than $10 per hour!)


Cory Zamora


Classic "AmCab" Veil Ties with Cory Zamora!

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Cory says: "Back in my days of dressing rooms, I would watch dancers wad and stuff their veil, then hope for the best. Eight times out of 10, it did not go well. So I dove into my OCD, and developed 6 ties from the past, analyzed them to death, and now teach with the care of packing a parachute! It will only dance off as well as you put it on. In my workshop, we will learn 3 ties very different from each other. I like to use a variety of music, tempos, including modern selections. We will learn the steps used, what we can borrow from another section of the dance. A 4 yard veil is used. Mine are all from Jo Ann's "silk essence", it is a lining fabric. Pure silk does not do well with some of this. We did not use it back then. It tends to slide on itself, out of the tie during the opening song. Please bring your zills, I never take mine off. If you do not zill in your style, that is ok! I just want to make sure I teach all how to do veil with zills on.

Also, please be sure to wear something with good & tight shoulder straps so that the veil will stay on during the tie.

The following ties will be covered:
BIB tie, drop, and bottom pull out
SCARF tie...unisex tie...I also teach male dancers
the classic DUCHESS ....hip poof seen so much back then

I have DVD's for all, the one with the DUCHESS has 2 other ties related to it on it, so a good deal! I will have a "bundle" price for all 3, and a free one as well.”

$58 Until midnight Friday Sept 23, 2016 • $65 Until midnight 4/9/2016 • $75 at the door

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