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Elegance, grace and beautifully executed Middle Eastern Dance with an old Hollywood flair are the benchmarks of this Los Angeles based dancer. DeVilla’s performances are dynamic, mixing contemporary Raqs Sharqi innovation with classical inspiration.

Devilla is an accomplished dancer in classical Egyptian and folkloric styles of Middle Eastern dance, having studied extensively with world-renowned teachers in the U.S. and Egypt, and performs and teaches in LA and nationally as a soloist and with Sekhmet Dance Company, for whom she functions as Artistic Director.

An award-winning Dance Artist and Emmy nominated professional Make-Up Artist, DeVilla is equally at home on stage and behind the scenes, as she seamlessly integrates her two full-time careers. She has produced and co-produced many shows in Los Angeles and has most recently performed in the gala shows of AEOMED, Jillina’s BDExperience “The Wizard of Oz”, Fahtiem’s Oasis Dance Magic and Cairo Shimmy Quake--Los Angeles’s biggest Middle Eastern dance event.

For class schedule and to register visit DeVilla's website.

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