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Fahtiem is a multi-award-winning choreographer, master instructor, and international superstar performer, highly renowned in the world of Middle Eastern Dance for her magical style and elegance. Fahtiem has many publications, TV, and video credits. She is the director and choreographer of the award-winning Sultan’s Delites.


She produces and is the director of an annual convention and highly acclaimed stage production, “Oasis Dance Magic.” Fahtiem has produced 5 CDs in which she does the vocals. Fahtiem’s DVD series, “Belly Dance Bootcamp with Fahtiem,” is shaping up the dance world! Listed in International Who’s Who of Professional & Business Women, she is highly recognized in her field. Some of her awards include the International Cultural Diploma of Honor; Woman of the Year; The International Academy of Middle Eastern Dance Awards (Dancer of the Year, Entertainer of the Year, nominated Choreographer of the Year, Teacher of the year). Dance Magazine Awards (Teacher of the Year, Dancer of the Year.) American Academy of Middle Eastern Dance (New York) award: Hall of Fame - Lifetime Achievement, MECDA Hall of Fame, just to name a few.


Fahtiem is in great demand, traveling extensively worldwide, sharing her vast knowledge and passion for this beautiful art form while maintaining a full teaching schedule in Los Angeles, California, including college-level dance courses. She has been honored to teach and perform globally throughout her career, including Egypt at the Ahlan Wa Sahlan Festival for five years. Fahtiem had the honor of being the choreographer and dancer for a piece at Carnegie Hall in January 2011. Fahtiem, an L.A. legend, most recently has been honored to be part of two documentaries, The Fez Documentary and American Belly Dance Icons, premiering this year 2020.

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