Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer free intro class?

Yes - on the 3rd Sunday of every month at 1pm. This free intro class for dancers NEW to DanceGardenLA. Curious about the art of Bellydance and always wanted to take a class? Join us at this introductory level session and learn basic bellydance movements, dance to middle eastern music and learn about the different styles and teachers we offer at DanceGardenLA. Free for first time students, space is limited, so pre-regitration is recommended.

How do you find the studio and where do you park?

DanceGardenLA is located inside the ATX/3191 building in the vibrant Los Angeles neighborhood of Atwater Village, near Los Feliz, Silver Lake, and Glendale. 3191 Casitas Ave, Suite 112 Los Angeles, CA 90039 ATX/3191 is the big BROWN Building. Go to the end of it and park in P/2 Parking Lot! Please note there is limited parking in the lot during the weekdays and it is better to find street parking. Nights and weekends have a lot more availability in the P/2 Lot. After you park, walk right up the RAMP and come on in! Once inside walk straight ahead, and go in to the glass doors on your RIGHT SIDE. Breeze through our little courtyard, and there you are! DGLA awaits!

What is your cancellation policy for classes?

DanceGardenLA has a very easy cancellation policy for our ongoing classes.
If you preregistered and can no longer take a class, as long as you cancel before the class starts then we will credit that class back to your account. Just be sure to use the credit before its expiration date.
If you don't cancel and don't show up for class, your account will not be credited for that class.

What are the benefits and terms of your VIP Membership?

BENEFITS The VIP Membership is the best way to save on classes if you intend to come more than 6 times per month. You will receive 25% off of select workshops DGLA offers, student troupe rehearsals, and special topic courses. You will also receive 10% off of any DGLA merchandise. Every month, you can invite 2 free guests. However, it must be only one guest at a time, and they must be new to DanceGardenLA, or not active in the last 12 months. You have to physically be there to accompany your guests to class. TERMS & CONDITIONS We try to keep our contract as flexible as possible. So, there are no long commitments. The contract is month to month. You can contact us to cancel at any time, but you will be able to finish out your month. Membership cancellations take effect at the time of your next autopay. So as long as you cancel before your next scheduled payment, you will not be charged for that upcoming month. Optional membership freeze. Instead of canceling your membership, you have the option to freeze your membership for $15 per month to lock in your current rate. Since rates do go up, this is a great way to maintain your original rate when you want to reinstate your membership. You will be charged $15 per month for every month your account is frozen. There are no prorated fees should you want to reinstate your membership before the monthly billing cycle is over. There are no discounts on workshops or merchandise while your account is frozen. ​​

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