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Sabah has decades of experience in classical, modern, and folk styles of dance. In her teenage and young adult years, Sabah focused on ballet. She has worked with, Chicago’s Festival Ballet, Ballet Chicago, and the Alabama Ballet. All while she is also doing summer intensives with Boston Ballet, Houston Ballet, American Ballet Theater, and Pacific Northwest where she received a full scholarship. She also has explored modern dance with Momenta Dance Company, folk dances of the Middle East with troupe Aman Aman, and solo dancing focusing on Raqs Sharqi.


She received her degree from Columbia College Chicago majoring in Cultural Studies and minoring in dance with a year abroad at the American University in Cairo, Egypt. There she joined the Egyptian Folkloric Company and received a contract to dance on the Nile Pharaoh cruise ship allowing her to hand-select the band and troupe of dancers.


In 2006, she joined the international dance company Bellydance Superstars Directed by Jillina Carlano, and began touring the world performing and teaching workshops highlighting her specialty of combining ballet with belly dance while wearing toe shoes. She moved up in the company from core dancer to principal dancer and became the Artistic Director and chief choreographer in 2010. She is seen on many of the company’s DVDs including her instructional video Advance your Dance with Sabah.


In 2019, Sabah relocated from Chicago to Los Angeles to become the Artistic Programs Manager for Bellydance Evolution. She has been a contributing choreographer for Bellydance Evolution since 2012. When BDE was commissioned to produce “Le Voyage de Scheherazade” a multinational, multidisciplinary collaboration between Moroccan, European and American Oriental and ballet dancers with the Orchestra Philharmonique de Maroc, Sabah was the choreographer for all of the ballet routines.


Sabah has been teaching both local and international dance and fitness classes since 2000, using her world travels and continuous curiosity in all things dance has led her to instruct and produce shows for all levels, ages, and abilities.

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